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Registry Information
Ben and Elisa are thrilled to have you join them in celebrating their wedding, or wish them the best from a far, whichever the case may be. They consider your blessing of their marriage a tremendous gift, and the presence of those who are taking on the burden and expense of traveling is much appreciated. Please do not feel you need to do more.

That said, at the prodding of friends and family, they have set up this page with some potentially helpful links for those looking for such information.

First is the I Do Foundation, with whom they have set up a charitable contribution registry. The I Do Foundation directs contributions to a few charities in honor of Ben and Elisa’s big day. A few words on the nonprofits you will find there:
  • Ben has been fortunate enough to serve on the Board of the Elizabeth Peabody House for slightly over a year. EPH provides much-needed supports and services such as day care, after-school tutoring, mentoring, job training, youth theater, ESL and other programs for many working, immigrant and impoverished families in Somerville and Medford, Massachusetts.
  • The Human Rights Campaign has been a strong advocate for marriage equality nationwide. We are both very proud to be getting married in a state that already honors the marriages of all its citizens.
  • The summer of 2003 Ben volunteered with Room to Read. Founded by a graduate of Ben's business school, RTR brings the gift of literacy to children throughout southern and southeast Asia through schools, libraries and scholarships.
  • The National Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Association supports committed CASA volunteers, who work with abused and neglected children, speaking out for the best interests of these children in the juvenile courts. In her parallel non-energy life, Elisa dreams of working with at-risk kids and families; CASA has long been one of her favorite child advocacy and support programs.
Ben and Elisa feel strongly about the work of each of these organizations (as strongly as they feel about most material possessions) and are happy to be able to take this opportunity to let you know about the good work they do.

Click here for the I Do Foundation Charity Registry

There are some more traditional items to be found on Crate and Barrel, which is not (yet) accessible through the I Do Foundation website.

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