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Oxford, MA

Interesting information about town: maps, weather, business directory, stats, local video clips of the blizzard of 2005 (look at those people shovel!) and more fun for the whole family.

Town of Oxford, MA

Community Bulletin Board, Minutes of the most recent meeting of the volunteer cemetery maintenance committee, etc.

Central Massachusetts Visitors Bureau

Lots of information on the region – lodging, dining, attractions & entertainment, shopping. Disclaimer: for those who don’t already know: Boston is not in central MA, so don’t be disappointed by what you find here.

The Weather Channel – Oxford, MA

Current and forecasted weather for North Oxford, brought to you by the people with the best cross-promotions in the weather biz.

Worcester Citysearch

Worcester is the nearest metro area to North Oxford and this Citysearch portal gives you the classic collection of links to events, restaurants, yellow pages, ‘best ofs’ and so on. Boston destinations page

No guarantee that there are better deals here than on competitors Orbitz, Travelocity, Sidestep or Hotwire. Airfare, hotels, package deals and other travel services all for one profitable bundled price.

Clara Barton page – Wikipedia

The world’s on-line free encyclopedia provides the history of Barton’s involvement in the American Civil War and her founding of the American Red Cross. It also lets you know which two states ( Kansas, New Jersey) have named a County or a section of a Township after Clara Barton. Did you know that you could name a section of a Township after someone? Me either. Although Barton is a political figure it is not known whether any congressional staff members have attempted to doctor her Wikipedia webpage. Note, so nobody gets confused, we are getting married at her birthplace ( Oxford, Massachusetts) not her National Historic Site (Glen Echo, Maryland). ‘Cause, y’know, that would be an unfortunate mistake to make.