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Our Story

How We Met

We were very improbably set up by our dear friends Jen and Steve in 2001. Steve is one of Ben’s best friends from college, and was also in grad school with Ben in Chicago at the time. His then-fiancé Jen and Elisa were roommates in Berkeley. After one of Steve’s visits to Berkeley he went back to Chicago and announced to Ben that he had met the woman Ben would marry.

Ben had learned to take Steve’s somewhat frequent dramatic proclamations with a grain of salt; without knowing Steve very well Elisa had the same reaction. To keep the joke going, Elisa initiated their first communication shortly thereafter, sending Ben an email with the now somewhat prophetic subject line: “From your future wife.”

Several visits later (facilitated by Ben’s family in Berkeley and Elisa’s grandmother near Chicago), we started dating. Ben came to Berkeley for a summer job, then we spent his last year of grad school dating long-distance. After spending the next summer together working in Nepal we lived in DC for a year before moving back to Boston in 2004.




How We Got Engaged

For Elisa’s 30th birthday (November, 2004) Ben planned a surprise weekend in Bermuda; Elisa didn’t find out about the trip until Ben pulled out their passports and a guidebook on the way to the airport. We got there in time for a beautiful afternoon on the famous pink sand beaches.

After we climbed up a rocky cliff to watch the sunset over the Atlantic, Ben got down on one knee and asked Elisa to marry him, to which she replied “Yes”, or “It’s about time, punk!” or something like that...