Our Story

How We Met

The first time Joe and I met, we were introduced by mutual friends. I was very shy and quiet, but still having a good time. Joe kept picking on me and bugging me, trying to make me come out of my shell. It was just plain annoying! My first impression of him was that he was a dork and I didn’t really like him.

A couple weeks later, we met again at another friend’s house. My first thought was “oh no, look who it is…” But there was something different about him. Maybe it was because he wasn’t pestering my like crazy. Instead, we started talking and joking around and he was actually very sweet. Plus, he has the most beautiful green eyes I’ve ever seen. Before parting ways, he asked for my number… I couldn’t wait to hang out with him again!

The first time Joe called, I was in the shower, so my mom took a message. The message that was relayed to me was “Some Joe guy, with a really nice voice called… Who’s Joe?” I just smiled and said “Some guy”, then grabbed the number and went to my room. My nerves kept me from calling him right away, so I had to call Katie first. About a half hour later, I finally called… We talked for a while, then made plans to get together the next day. After that first “date”, we would talk to each other at least once a day and would send texts through out the day. My cell phone bill was always outrageous from going over my minutes

In the end, I went from not liking him at all, to getting butterflies every time I saw him.

How We Got Engaged

Joe proposed on June 22nd, 2004, but I’ll get back to that later… I kind of expected something was up because of the way Joe was acting. When I told Katie about it, she smiled and said “maybe he’s going to propose!” But we just laughed that one off.

Soon after, Joe and I took a vacation to the Black Hills. Our agenda was pretty much open, except one of the days we planned on hiking up Harney Peak (The tallest point in South Dakota). On the day of the hike, we took along a backpack with water and some long sleeve shirts. I kept hearing a rattling noise and asked Joe what that could be. He said he wasn’t sure, then offered to take the pack for a while. Any time after that, if I needed water, he would get it for me. I soon forgot about the noise and didn’t think of it the rest of the time we were there.

Nothing really happened after that hike until June 22nd. It was Joe’s 22nd birthday and he had the day off from work. When I got home that night, I could smell something cooking, but it wasn’t quite ready. So, he kicked me out and told me to come back in about a half hour. Thirty minutes later, I returned to find Joe had set up a candle lit dinner with my favorite meal, tater tot casserole.

The candles were set up to spell out I LOVE YOU and he had slow music playing. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the living room. Just as our song came on, he bent down on one knee. The first thought that came to mind was “what are you doing?”. He looked deep into my eyes then asked “will you marry me?”. I stood there just staring at him, then the only thing I could get out was “are you serious?” (Couldn’t take a hint from the setting…) But from the look on his face, I realized he meant business… So, I said yes! Maybe the best present for him that night was knowing he’d have me for the rest of his life.

While eating dinner that night, Joe said he was really planning on asking at the top of Harney Peak. The rattling in the pack was actually my ring! The only reason he didn’t ask then, was by the time we reached the top, we were just exhausted. The mood just wasn’t right to him, but to me it would have been perfect either way. Because it would have been Joe asking.

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