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Our Story

How We Met

Megan was living in Atlanta and after finding no suitable dates through regular avenues like work, training for a marathon, etc. a friend mentioned on-line dating.  Ever skeptical, Megan was finally convinced, mostly because of the possible entertainment value when comparing on-line profiles with her friend, and signed up for E-harmony. Fortunately, after only the first few days of her membership she was sent Jason's profile.

Meanwhile, Jason was living in Gainesville, Fl and had been convinced by friends and family that the on-line dating world might hold some potential. Although Gainesville is a great city the girlfriend pool is pretty much limited to the 20,000 or so undergrad girls at the University of Florida (luckily for Megan, Jason wasn't interested in dating someone 10 years his junior).

After mutual interest in the on-line profile each had set up, communication by e-mail was established and both tried to impress each other with humor and shared interests.  After what seemed to Megan like a long time Jason finally asked for her phone number and e-mail was replaced with long phone conversations.  As the phone relationship grew Megan was also growing busier and busier with work, marathon running and wedding cake baking (an entirely different story that we don't have time for here).  

Fearful that she might seem a bit too busy for Jason (especially since she was usually calling late at night while cake was baking or being iced) she sent an e-mail explaining her temporary crazy state of mind and her interest in getting to know Jason better.  Luckily Jason received this email while in the company of good friends Kari and Eric.  Kari being the wise woman that she is
immediately recognized the sincerity in the e-mail along with the humor and encouraged Jason to stick it out and to keep the e-mail in his wallet as a reminder (it is still there).  Shortly thereafter Jason got up the courage to suggest they meet face to face for the first time.  Megan accepted (instantly as she had been waiting for the conversation) and plans were made for a weekend in Atlanta.

Jason called at the last minute on a Friday afternoon to see if he could possibly come a week earlier (meaning that evening). After some quick thinking Megan agreed and they spent their first weekend together (along with Jason's dog Buddy) seeing the sights of Atlanta and talking non-stop. Weekend visits continued after that point as often as possible and eventually Megan decided it was time to leave Atlanta (she was in desperate need for a new job) and figured Gainesville was as good a place as any!

How We Got Engaged

After 13 months of dating (4 of them in the same state) Jason showed up at Megan's work one morning.  She became instantly paranoid (especially when he asked if she had a few minutes to talk in private and started the conversation by saying he was really having a hard time and needed to talk about something). 

 Luckily the conversation quickly moved to a secluded corner of the parking lot and Jason unexpectedly proposed!  It turns out he had been planning this for a couple of days and actually wanted to propose on a canoe trip but the waiting was making him crazy.