Our Story

How We Met (Elaina's Version)

Unknowingly at the time, we both attended a rock concert at the Tweeter Center in September of 2002.

As fate shall have it we parked right next to each other. It didn't take long for Jason and his friends to strike up a conversation with my friends and I.

Having only brought beer and looking kind of hungry, we offered them up some of our burgers. Jason and I instantly had a connection and hit it off right away.

In midst of conversation, Jason's friends decided it was time to go into the concert. We went our separate ways and I was left hoping I would run into him again after the show. I couldn't stop thinking about him all throughout the show and couldn't believe that I didn't ask him out when I had the chance. After the show we arrive back to the grid locked parking lot to find Jason and his friends already in their car.

After some time of sitting in our car Jason came over to the window to ask me out! He said to me "I'll let you guys pull out in front of me if you let me take you on a date some time." He's such a gentleman, right? Anyways, I was very excited and wrote down my number on the first thing that I could find; this napkin! Can you believe he saved it?

How We Got Engaged (Jason's version)

I had gone to the jeweler's store a few weeks before to officially make the purchase. On this day, April 27th, 2005 I had received a message from the jeweler telling me that the ring was ready to be picked up.

Things were slow at work so I decided I would leave a little early and go pick it up. It looked great! I couldn't have been more pleased and I knew she was going to like it.
On the way home I picked up some food, some drink, some flowers and a new fish for our tank. By the time Elaina arrived home I had a nice meal prepared for the two of us. She was a little surprised by the meal but I like to cook so she didn't give it a second thought.

I told her that I had a surprise for her and proceeded to the fish tank to show her the new fish. Earlier I had put her ring into the tank with the new fish. It sat there glimmering at the bottom of the tank. At first she didn't see it and began thinking of names to call the fish. Then she spotted the ring and gasped with excitement! I reached into the tank, pulled out the ring, then got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes!

All Images Courtesy of Elaina and Jason


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