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Our Story     

How We Met

Unfortunately, it took me all of my high school years to meet my soulmate.

I was a senior and Sara was a junior at Southwick High. Although we attended the same high school, Big Y is where I first laid eyes on Sara. I remember her long red hair and beautiful smile. When I looked at Sara, I felt something I never had felt before.

I can remember being so excited the day I found out Noah was training me for a cashier position. He was so cute... dark hair and beautiful brown eyes.... I loved his name... "Noah" it was so unique yet fitting. When I looked at Noah, I knew we would have an amazing connection.

We became instant friends... in fact Sara, myself, and our mutual friends from school decided to take a limo together to the senior prom... Sara was going to the prom with her good friend Dave, and I was taking Christine, one of our mutual friends.

Lucky for me, our first kiss came that very night.... and the rest is history...

Image Courtesy of Sara and Noah

The Proposal

The day finally came when I knew I was ready to marry this girl ... well, financially ready anyway ... i knew she was the one a long time ago. We had been dating for six years when I decided to pop the question.

Ring shopping: ... not as bad as it's made out to be. Thanks to the Hannoush family, I purchased a marquise cut platinum engagement ring.

The plan: Sara and I had just purchased a condo together, and our closing was on New Year's Eve. I wasn't sure if I was going to hide it some place in our new home, or take her on a wild scavenger hunt at my mom's house.

It's funny how things change... Christmas night... Sara was sick all day and was lying in bed... I didn't have any chicken soup, so I thought of the next best thing.

Time to propose... I marched upstairs and retrieved the ring from my soon to be mother-in-law's closet. I was insanely nervous... yet overly excited. I couldn't wait to put this bad boy on her finger.... it had been so hard to keep it from her. So I got down on one knee... and the rest his history....

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